Bring on the Books: Sidekicked

Sidekicked Cover

What if you had a secret identity?

What if you had extraordinary powers?

What if you still had homework?

Those are some of the questions facing Drew in John David Anderson’s novel Sidekicked. Drew, aka The Sensationalist, is part of a top-secret sidekick training program called HERO. Teen sidekicks are paired up with Supers (aka superheroes) to learn the ropes and hone their skills in hopes they will one day become heroes themselves (or at least super awesome sidekicks). And lucky Drew has the greatest hero of all as his mentor- The Titan.

Or at least The Titan used to be great. Now he spends most of his time hanging off a barstool.

Drew and the rest of his sidekick friends run into huge problems when Supervillians return to their hometown of Justicia- and the Supers are tied up elsewhere.

Can Drew and his friends save the day?  Will the Supers come to their rescue?  Will Drew have time to study for tomorrow’s math test?  The answers to these questions and more can be found in Sidekicked by John David Anderson.

I loved this book and immediately suggested it to a coworker for her grandson.  It was full of action and fun.   Drew’s sarcastic views on middle school (and life) really spoke to me and my twisted little soul.  I also liked how the themes of good and evil are explored in this and the companion book, Minion.  The difference between good and evil isn’t always black and white, and both books do a fabulous job of bringing this to life.

Not to mention this book is perfect for Summer Reading 2015!  We’ll definitely be using it in our tween book club.


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