Bring on the Books: Evil Librarian

Evil Librarian

First of all, Librarians are NOT evil.

Just this guy.  Who happens to be a demon disguised as a librarian.  Therefore, he is not really a librarian and my first statement remains true.

In Evil Librarian by Michelle Knudsen, Mr. Gabriel, the new high school librarian, is young and GORGEOUS.  Cyn can totally see why her best friend, Annie, is totally head over heels for him…until Cyn realizes that Mr. Gabriel is not what he seems.  With a rare gift that makes her immune to his charms, Cyn sees Mr. Gabriel for what he really is- a demon who is slowly sucking the life force of all the teens in her school.

Oh, and he wants her best friend to be his demon bride for all eternity.

With the help of her crush, Cyn must find a way to defeat Mr. Gabriel, save Annie, and build an awesome barber chair for the Sweeney Todd production.  No big deal.

I LOVED this book.  It appealed to the teen I was in high school and my inner theater nerd.  Then seeing that it was by Michelle Knudsen who wrote my beloved Library Lion was an added bonus.

And librarians are not evil.  Just wanted to say that again.


2 thoughts on “Bring on the Books: Evil Librarian

  1. Jenni says:

    I loved this book and it’s all your fault. Just sayin’.


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