Stay for the Food: White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate

LibraryLyssa: Come for the library talk, stay for the food.

We’ve had some library talk, let’s have some food!

I like to cook and LOVE to eat.  I’m not a terrible cook , but I won’t be getting a Food Network show anytime soon ( a girl can dream, right?).  I rarely create my own recipes (BAD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN I GO ROGUE IN THE KITCHEN) but love to tweak recipes I find in cookbooks and online.

At the library, we rarely have food at programs.  There are exceptions and our annual Pumpkinpalooza is a great example.  I’m one of those people who LOVES all things pumpkin and for the past few years, I’ve shared that love through our Pumpkinpalooza program.  The program consists of pumpkin themed crafts and some pumpkin flavored snacks.

I found this recipe last year for Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate and immediately pinned it on Pinterest.  It sounded amazing AND it was done in a slow cooker.  I was in love.  A little tweaking of the recipe and it was ready for programming.  The kids loved it!

And staff doesn’t mind the leftovers either….


White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate


-8 cups whole milk (1 1/2 gallon)

-2 cups white chocolate chips

-1 15oz can pumpkin puree

-2 tsp vanilla extract

-1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Add all the ingredients to a slow cooker and turn on low.  Stir the mixture every 15-2o minutes, making sure you scrape up the chocolate from the bottom of the slow cooker.  Hot chocolate will be ready in approximately an hour and a half!  Turn slow cooker to warm to keep beverage warm while serving.  Serves 8-10.




One thought on “Stay for the Food: White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate

  1. […] snacking, I make White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate and Pumpkin Fluff dip.  This year, I tried something different with the Tweens and we made Pumpkin […]


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