My Dirty Little Secret (Or At Least One of the Ones I’ll Share in Public)

We’re all friends here, right?

We can share secrets, right?

Here’s mine:


I feel better now.

I love E. Lockhart.  Her Ruby Oliver books are some of my favorites.  Dramarama was fun times.  But this book…I didn’t read all of it.  I couldn’t read all of it.  I made it about halfway through, skipped to the plot twist, read the last few pages, and returned it to my local library.

I kept hoping it would draw me in.  I kept hoping I would grow to like something about the main character.  Alas, no.

Then I see practically everyone raving about this book!  What did I miss?  Did we really read the same book?

Do you have a book others love that you hate?



3 thoughts on “My Dirty Little Secret (Or At Least One of the Ones I’ll Share in Public)

  1. Jenni says:

    I didn’t mind We Were Liars, but I hated, absolutely HATED both The White Darkness (which a certain co-intern of mine loved) and Love Letters to the Dead. In both cases, I feel like a horrible person because other people rave about these books, but they were just not. for. me.

    I give you all the bonus points, though, for not finishing the book when you didn’t like it, and for speaking your mind about not liking it instead of being all, “Oh, well, I’m sure SOMEONE would enjoy this book.”

    So here’s the question: a teen comes up to you and asks if s/he should read We Were Liars. What would you say to her/him?


    • librarylyssa says:

      I’ve never read either of those book and probably won’t now!

      If someone asked me if they should read We Were Liars, I’d tell them that I’m the only person in the world (aside from the teen librarian) who didn’t like the book. But just because I wasn’t a fan, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t at least give it a try, especially if it sounds interesting to them.

      More Confession: I also don’t like Telephone by Rainbow Rowell.


  2. Jenni says:

    I haven’t tried Rowell’s book yet, but between the YALSA Hub Challenge and the Stonewall committee, I don’t have much time for books that I choose to read.

    I also absolutely hated The Kingdom of Little Wounds, and it was a Printz Honor book last year. I wanted to give it negative stars on GR, but there were other people who were saying, “Wow, this is the best book EVER!”


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