Librarian Skills: Summer Reading Prep, Part 2

My previous post started to touch on some of my Summer Reading Program prep.  Now we move into crunch time preparations.


-Begin narrowing down programs put on by library staff.  Contact any possible outside speakers.

-Book our Meeting Room for programs.  The public can request meeting rooms 3 months in advance, so this is my last shot for June!

-Start contacting schools and homeschool groups to schedule promotional visits for May.  I also find out how many students they have so I know how many fliers to print out.

-Make changes to the reading logs (if needed).

-Pick our “colors” and order paper in those shades.  We (being the adult librarian, teen librarian, and I) have found it simplifies things for staff if we color code paperwork for SRP.  I have a color that I use for all my reading logs and paperwork, and teen and adult have their colors.


-Meeting with branch managers and some of their staff to discuss the program.  This is just a chance to tell everyone our plans for the summer and to show off the artwork and prizes.

-Write a “script” for the school promotional visits.  There are three staff members and I who take turns going on these visits.  It’s VERY helpful to all of us if we have a sheet of notes to remind us of things to discuss with the kids.

-Design the flier that will be handed out at the schools.

-Order prize books.

-Vacation.  This is my last chance to breathe before it really begins.


-The following post goes up on all my social media sites: I am now in final preparations for Summer Reading and cannot be held legally responsible for anything I say or do until August 1st.

-Begin my date with the copier.  I will print around 1200 reading logs and 2000 fliers this month.

-Final supply craft supply order for summer programs.

-School promotions.

-Reminding overzealous students who drag their grownups to the library after we’ve come to their school that SRP doesn’t begin until June 1st.

-Organize ALL THE THINGS to be sent out to the branches.  Prizes, books, reading logs, bags…it all has to be sent out.

-Begin slowly decorating the department.  Also a good time to do last minute cleaning and shelf reading because it won’t happen after June hits.

June 1st

-Hold on tight and have fun!

How do you prep for Summer Reading?




4 thoughts on “Librarian Skills: Summer Reading Prep, Part 2

  1. Jenni says:

    My library has two buildings – the main library and a branch about three miles away. We’re part of a county-wide library system similar to Indiana’s Evergreen. We use the iRead materials, but our county also creates its own logs and other materials.

    January: Our department talks about what we want to do for the kick-off and what kinds of different programs we want to offer in the summer – this year, for example, I’m doing a new program called Science Tuesdays at our main library, so I booked our auditorium and started planning those programs.

    February: I attended a performers’ showcase to see possible performers for the summer. We contacted and sent out contracts to the performers we want to book for the entire summer. We finalized our plans for the kickoff and finishers’ events. I have also been weeding and shelf reading our entire Juv and YA collection and bolstering the areas that need more books.

    March: We ordered our halfway prize. Our end prize is a free book, and those come from a tax measure in our county, so we don’t have to order them. Same thing for our reading logs – those are printed by the county and delivered to us (yes, I know I’m spoiled). I am now finishing up booking promotional assemblies at all of the elementary schools and prepping our fliers that we want to distribute to the middle and high schools.

    April: Finishing up contracts for performers. Finishing up details on the promotional assembly script. Gathering any other materials.

    May: Promote, promote, promote! Yep, that’s about it. And hopefully train the intern who will arrive by that point (fortunately, my manager hires the intern, so I don’t have to deal with that).

    June 1 – August 1: AFJDklfjeofijeawfidsangdifyaeriowehnvdlfgewfd!

    August 2: Start thinking about a vacation.

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  2. Jenni says:

    Also, my library does a Reader-Leader program where older kids are paired with younger ones to help them improve their reading over the summer. This is a long-standing library tradition, so in addition to planning SRP, I have to work on the Reader-Leader program – getting the paperwork updated, getting older kids to apply as leaders, finding out which younger kids need to get the help, etc. etc. Fingers crossed that an intern can take this over during the summer. :o)

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    • librarylyssa says:

      I love this idea! I know of a library here who does a similar program called Book Buddies. Maybe once we get a TAB going, this would be a good project for them…..


      • Jenni says:

        This would be a great project for a TAB, and it would look good on their college apps. If you decide to move forward with it, shoot me an email and I’ll send you our files. Why reinvent the wheel, right?


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