Program Possibilities: Star Wars Reads Day

Star Wars Reads Day is October 10th!  I’m seeing lots of awesome ideas for programs to celebrate.   Our library isn’t hosting a program that day (a local festival is the same day), but I thought I’d share some ideas from a Star Wars themed program I did a few years ago.  Jenni-Wan Kenobi can help full in the blanks….. 

Lightsabers– Easy peasy.  Cut foam pool noodles from your local dollar store in half.  Let kids decorate about a third of each half with duct tape or electrical tape to make the hilt.  Add the caveat that if the lightsaber is used in the library outside of program activities,  the librarian gets a new lightsaber.  🙂

Jedi Training Camp– Have kids test out their Jedi skills with an obstacle course.   I did ours in two parts: Lightsaber Training and the obstacle course.
Lightsaber Training–  Give each participant a balloon.  Have them use their lightsaber to keep the balloon in the air.  If it hits the floor, they’re out.  There is occasionally a “disturbance in the Force” when I come running through with my lightsaber, knocking balloons out of the way. 
Obstacle Course– Think of what you have that you can make into an obstacle course.  Now, how can you theme it?  I had some trays of white fabric and foam that became the ice planet Hoth that kids had to trek through. A recycling bin covered with a piece of cardboard with a hole in it became the one weakness in the Death Star.  It takes bean bags ion torpedoes to destroy the Death Star! 

Printables– A quick Google or Pinterest search will find you a ton of free printables to use for your event. I found Boba Fett and Yoda masks for the kids to make while they waited to go through the obstacle course.   The kids also went home with a certificate I found saying they completed their Jedi Training, as well as a small card to remind them what makes a Jedi (they also happen to qualities that make you a good person!).

Questions?  I quick typed this on my phone, so I apologize for the lack of links!


2 thoughts on “Program Possibilities: Star Wars Reads Day

  1. Jenni says:

    Jenni Wan-Kenobi here. 🙂

    There are some great paper crafts at that kids would love to make, and they’re FREE so you can print as many as you need.

    Alyssa also had a photo booth area – a dark blue piece of bulletin board paper with stars on it that people could stand in front of in order to take selfies. Encourage patrons to post these to social media with a hash tag for your library.

    There are several Jedi name generators out there. You could set up a computer with these on it.

    Have a reading corner set up with a variety of Star Wars books. Not only does this tie in your program with your collection, but it gives those who are overwhelmed by the crowds a “calm-down space” where they can rest for a bit.

    Tack some butcher paper on your wall and let the kids create a Star Wars galaxy or mural. Just make sure they know to write ON the paper. 🙂

    Star Wars trivia goes over pretty well, too. You’d probably want to level these for various age groups, but either questions they can find answers to in library books or questions that are fairly easy to answer could be fun. You could even scatter these throughout the library so it’s like a scavenger hunt combined with a trivia contest! I did this for talk like a pirate day, and kids who finished got a free eyepatch.


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