Cinnamon Catastrophe

Every year, our Friends of the Library group hosts a Festival of Trees in our library.  Basically, community groups decorate a 4 ft tall tree and they’re on display in the library.  Our teens have decorated a tree before but this year, I decided our tweens should join in the fun.

This year’s theme (because there’s always a theme!) is Christmas Traditions.  Every year, the tweens decorate mini-gingerbread houses (read: eat lots of frosting), so I thought we should do a gingerbread themed tree.

On Wednesday, I sat out some cardstock gingerbread house forms and let the tweens begin decorating.  While they were working on those, I began making ornaments out of cinnamon and applesauce.

Have you ever seen cinnamon applesauce ornaments before?  They smell FABULOUS, look kinda like gingerbread, and would be a perfect addition to the tree.  Plus, they’re no-bake and only take two ingredients, 3lbs of applesauce and 16oz of cinnamon.  Easy-peasy, right?

Oh, I should know better.

The mixing went ok.  I started with a spoon, and then used my hands.  Soon, it was time to roll out the door.  I didn’t have much cinnamon left to dust the table and rolling pin with but all seemed well.  Cut out the first batch of shapes, and went to roll the dough out again.

It started to stick.

We were out of cinnamon so I used pumpkin pie spice.  Cut out a few more shapes out of the sticky dough and tried to roll out the dough again.

More sticky.

In a pinch, I tossed in some hot cocoa mix (it was all we had, OKAY!?!?).

Couldn’t roll it out.  Stuck to rolling pin.

After a few minutes of adding more cocoa mix, attempting roll out dough, and my hands becoming a huge ball of cinnamon stickiness, I tossed the dough in the garbage (with my tweens laughing at my expense, as they do).

I rinsed the dough off of my hands, made a huge mess in the bathroom, cleaned up the rolling pin, and went home.

Where I made a Cinnamon Roll Cake for The Tiny Human’s feast at daycare.



2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Catastrophe

  1. Jenni says:

    I have never seen cinnamon applesauce ornaments before, and I almost want to try them, but after your story I think maybe I’ll wait until next year on those.


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