About the Blogger

My name is Alyssa Morgan and I’m a librarian!

I grew up in Meade County, Kentucky and stayed there until I got my undergraduate degrees in English and Humanities at the University of Louisville.  I attended Indiana University where I graduated with my Masters of Library Science in 2010.

I work for a library system in Central Indiana (you could actually say the library is mine, but that’s another story).  I started out as the library’s intern  in the summer of  2009, was hired as a clerk in August 2009, and became the Children’s Librarian in 2011.  To say my library career has been rather serendipitous is an understatement!

Outside of the library, I have a sweet little boy (aka The Tiny Human) who demands all of my attention.  He’s absolutely adorable, so I don’t mind.  Together we cook, spy on the neighbors, and fawn over the cat.  There is never a dull moment.

You can find me on Twitter (@LibraryLyssa) and you can view my visual resume here.




One thought on “About the Blogger

  1. EMILY MOORE says:

    Hi! We may have met before. My name is Emily Moore and I am the Children’s Librarian for Pope County Library in Arkansas. Because I would like to start a NEW Book Club at my library, I am gathering information about other library’s Book Clubs for Kids and wanted to see if you would mind sharing some of your planning.

    Thank You So Much & Anything Helps,


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