Summer Reading, Shiny Things, and Other (mis)Advtures

Ohai blog.  Have you missed me?  I’m sorry you’ve been ignored, but Summer Reading is here.

Who else is counting down days until the end of Summer Reading?

You too?  Glad I’m not the only one.

And it’s not even been a busy summer.  The last two summers have nearly killed me and this year, my exhaustion level is comparable to the rest of the year’s exhaustion level.


In other news, The Tiny Human starts Kindergarten in August.  It does not seem possible.  I don’t think I’ll cry on the first day of school, but we shall see.  Supply shopping has not begun yet but the quest to find pants/shorts for a tall, scrawny little boy has commenced.  If he had inherited my physique, this would not be an issue.

Oh, and I’m now a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel.  Check out my online boutique:


How is the summer going for everyone else?


Life Outside the Library: A Week Home with The Tiny Human

Life Outside the Library: It DOES exist!

For the past week, I’ve been at home with my son aka The Tiny Human. He had his HUGE tonsils removed and needed at least a week of R&R.


(Just want to take a quick sec to publicly apologize to The Tiny Human for the faulty genes I passed along to him that led to the latest ear tube/adenoid/tonsil fiasco. My bad son, my bad.)

Thankfully, all went well during his surgery and his recovery.  Other than confirming that he has a high pain tolerance (file under good/bad), the week was fairly uneventful.

And filled with chocolate ice cream, juice, and Star Wars marathons.  And the occasional “I’m tired but I don’t want to nap” meltdown.

Top Ten Tuesday: Goals/Resolutions for 2015

*Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish*

I hate making New Year’s Resolutions.

Hate it.

I never keep them.  Then, once I break them, I spend days wallowing in self-pity and failure and whatever chocolate/ice cream I can find.

The last time I made one, it lasted all of three hours and BAD life choices were made.  Alas, that story is for another time (and another blog).

But I suppose I can try this resolution thing again…what’s the worst that could happen?

1.) Become organized.

2.) Eat more vegetables.

3.) Cut back on my coffee consumption (coworkers, this is your warning).

4.) Move more.

5.) Plan programs ahead of time (as is more than 3o minutes before program time).

6.) Pay off ye olde credit cards and keep them paid off.

7.) Blog at least 4 times a month.

8.) Write more book reviews on my Good Reads account.

9.) Weed all of juvenile fiction.

10.) Clean out my office….

Anyone else attempting the making and keeping of resolutions?

Summer Reading is Over!!! Now What Do I Do?


Our Summer Reading Program ended on August 1st (happy dance).  This was our most successful summer ever with 953 kids from age birth to 5th grade participating.  Needless to say, we were all exhausted.
Within one week of the program ending, all the decorations were taken down, the prizes were put away, and the library went back to business as usual.
And I had nothing to do.
Ok, not really but August is a strange month for me.  After so many months of intense focus on this one program, I always feel lost when Summer Reading ends.  Even though there are 500 things that need to be done, I literally feel like I have no idea what to do.  I have a hard time turning off my Summer Reading Brain and going back to Rest of the Year Librarian Brain.

Thankfully, I have had a few things that have forced me back to reality.  Currently, my library is interviewing for a new teen librarian and we will have one (hopefully!) soon.  There have also been school visits to schedule, along with new cards to issue the students.  I’ve also been getting ready for the CYPD Conference that is coming up over the weekend.

Does anyone else have trouble coming back to regular library life after Summer Reading?